Legal Advice/ Legal Aid

Legal Advice


A solicitor is legally trained and has a job to make sure the client is treated fairly and receives the advice needed. The client must ensure all documentation regard their case is present at a meeting with a solicitor. They will then review all evidence and provide information on the best legal rout to take. Solicitors work within both criminal and civil case so are able to provided information on both routs.


The internet can provide information on any situation. However as it is so accessible anyone has the ability to add their own information. Meaning some information can be irrelevant. To prevent this, a client must ensure they are using certified websites.

Citizen Advice Bureau

The citizen advice bureau is a free legal service accessible from the internet, phone or one to one meetings. The citizen advice bureau will provide information and advice on any legal issue. This is also a confidential service that will offer advice of the best route to take legal action with.

Legal Aid

Private Funding

Private funding involves the client funding their own access to legal advice. The client must also be able to pay the fees in full outright. Private funding is the most straight forward approach however is the least popular as the client must fund it themselves and in some cases this can cost tens of thousands of pounds.

No Win No Fee

No win no fee means a client can seek legal advice however if there case does not win in court then they do not have to pay any fees to that company. This is a very common route to take with legal aid as it is so accessible to anyone however if a case does win in court then the costs can be really high. No win no fee can also be called a conditional fee.

Trade Unions

A trade union can be entered with an annual fee. The cost depends on the annual income of a client. A union will cover all costs involved with legal action and provide any legal assistance needed. Some common unions are UCU, NUT, NUS, and NUR.

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