Community Safety Conference

On Wednesday 4th May 2017 I attended the community safety conference at Hull College. Throughout the day I saw many presentations regarding different services.

The presentations that where available throughout the day started with the probation service and CEOPS. In the afternoon we had a choice of three workshops to view; of which we could choose two. The first workshop i viewed was presented by the Hull Youth Justice Service. This workshop was centered around promoting the work that they do and trying to recruit people onto their volunteering scheme. Before the day i had not heard of the HYJS however the workshop has given me alot more information if i was to ever consider it as a career. It was explained that they work in two areas with children between the ages of 10 to 18. These areas are crime prevention and helping children through the court process.

The second workshop i chose to view was by the Hull DAP (Domestic Abuse Partnership). This workshop gave us an insight into the statistics of domestic abuse. One thing i learnt that shocked me was how common domestic abuse is between the older generation., including one lady they are working with who is 72 years old. I always believed that domestic abuse was more prevalent between younger people however this is not the case.

Overall the day was extremely informative and has made me consider the choices that i have when looking at careers.

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