Recent Events- We Will Stand Strong!

After recent events I thought i would write a quick post.

My heart goes out to all involved in the Manchester attacks. It really does brake me heart just thinking about the pain people will be experiencing right now and i only hope and pray that they have the support of loved ones around them to help them through this time.

This attack feels so close to home, as not only do i know many people who where at the concert (thankfully they where not harmed), but Manchester is not far from where i live. The fact that the attack was aimed to injure and murder people my age and younger really does break my heart. I will never be able to under stand how anyone could justify such vial actions and what could lead anyone to take part in terrorism.

Throughout all of this i have never felt so proud to be British. Seeing the people of Manchester all come together to help the victims really did strengthen my hope in humanity. One thing terrorists should learn is that we will not be defeated. We are the United Kingdom for a reason and when ‘evil losers’, to quote Donald Trump, try to get us down, we will stand united and strong.

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