Work Experiance

Cooplands (September 2013- June 2014) – Sales Assistant

In my time at Cooplands I experienced a working environment whilst being part of a team in a fast paced setting; this also provided me with knowledge of the food and catering sector. Whilst working at Cooplands I gained many transferable skills such as money handling, food hygiene in the work place and customer service.

Perfume Shop (October 2015-December 2015)- Christmas Temp

In my time at the Perfume Shop I developed my skills in customer service, money handling and improved my ability to think on the spot when problems arose.

Superbowl UK Hull (March 2016- May 2016)- General Assistant

During my time at Superbowl i worked in many areas learning different skills.

Crazy Club

In this area i was in charge of serving customers and making sure the area was a clean and safe environment for children to play in. I also hosted toddler mornings in which i would host and organize different activity’s.


In this area I would make sure the bowling lanes where clean and presentable. I would make sure customers had an enjoyable experience by serving food and drinks to them.


In this area I marshaled games of laser tag. I would make sure that the game ran smoothly and all in working order. For this I developed my time management skills as i had to ensure that the games did not run over time.


On the bar i would serve customers making sure that they enjoyed there time at Superbowl. I would clean the bar area and the toilet area making sure it was presentable.

Eskimosoup (May 2016- June 2017)- Researcher

Whilst working at Eskimosoup my job role involves surveying the public. This requires me to be polite and patient.

Prison Me No Way! (October 2016- June 2017)- Youth Advisory Group

Whilst at Prison Me No Way I attend crime awareness day at schools throughout the country. During these days I will sit in sessions and evaluate there effectiveness.  I also attend evaluation and reflection sessions collecting feedback from participants in order to improve the services provided. I am currently in the process of contributing to the organization of a new workshop that will hopefully be present in future crime awareness days.

Other Experience

Revive Kids (June 2012-January 2014)- Church Sunday School Helper

ScareCorp (September 2014 –July 2015) – Actor

Messy Faces (January 2015- July 2015)- Facepainter