Activity Log

Hull College

4th May 2017- Community Safety Conferance

12th December 2016- Observation at Crown Court

18th October 2016- Observation at Magistrates Court

Label Of Love

11th August 2017- Greatfield Fun Day

14th August 2017- Summer Camp

Prison Me No Way

24th May 2017- St Richards Your Choice Day

27th April 2017- Howden Crime Day

21st March 2017- HMP Humber Prison Visit

17th January 2017- Newland School Crime Day

14th December 2016- Malet Lambert Crime Day

22nd November 2016- London Focus Group

20th October 2016- Wolfreton Crime Day

11th October 2016- Scunthorpe Justice Day

Winifred Holtby Academy

26th February 2018- The Link

28th February 2018- The Hub

5th March 2018- Learning Support

7th March 2018- House Office

12th March 2018- House Office